Tuesday, October 30, 2012

18 Weeks

I just want to send out a quick prayer request for G&M and their families out east with disastrous tropical storm Sandy.  They are right in it as I type this.  I hope they are okay and safe!  Please say a quick prayer for them and all those dealing with this amazing natural tragedy.

Wow, 18 weeks!  I can't believe we are almost half way through the pregnancy!  I have been feeling great.  I'm just starting to show, finally!  Well, depending on what shirt I'm wearing anyway.  LOL!  I've put off my cake making until after the pregnancy.  Working on my cakes is stressful and really irritates my sciatic nerve...so it's a big pain in the butt, literally!  :) 

I've also had to remind myself to not cross my legs.  Doing so makes my pubic bone hurt.  TMI, yes, sorry!  I had Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction with my last 2 pregnancies.  This is when your pubic bone starts to separate.  It is extremely painful to walk (especially up steps), get into a taller vehicle, roll over in bed or even put pants on, basically any act that causes your legs/knees to separate.  It was greatly relieved by seeing my wonderful chiropractor while pregnant with my last child.  I actually barely noticed it last time.  I'm hoping it's the same way for this one.  It's all most likely due to the fact that my last 3 kids were all over 9 pounds, almost 10.

Halloween is tomorrow.  I love this holiday.  The kids carved their pumpkins last night.  We will have a red Power Ranger, Mario (Super Mario Bros) and either a chicken or Tigger for trick or treating.  The teenager said she's going, too, but not dressing up.  I told her I wouldn't hand candy over to some old kids not even dressed up if they showed up at my door.  We will see what she comes up with.  My 6 year old is on the Halloween committee at school.  I said I would make some type of jello for him to take.   I'm actually making jello worms!  I saw the idea on Pinterest, of course!  We will see how they turn out tonight.  They are actually in the fridge setting up right now.  I hope they work, otherwise I will have to get more jello to make jigglers or something.  Have a Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

All Good

I had my doctor appointment Wednesday afternoon.  All is well.  Doc was able to find the heartbeat right away, which is always a relief.  It was in the upper 140's.  I've been feeling little pokes and prods throughout the day now....LOVE that!  Not a whole lot to report.  I'm getting anxious to see G&M again the week of Thanksgiving.  We will be having the ultrasound to find out the sex of Baby!!  How exciting is that?! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Told The Kids

Well, last night we decided to tell the kids about the surrogacy.  I'm not exactly showing yet, just a bit of a tummy that could be mistaken for a large meal.  Ugh!  Our teenager already knew, so it was just the 3 younger ones.  We explained it a bit, clarified that they would not have a baby brother or sister and that it was to help another mommy and daddy have a baby.  We then read "The Kangaroo Pouch" together.  That is a cute surrogacy book for kids.  It explains the process in terms of a kangaroo carrying someone else's baby in their pouch and returning the baby to the parents after the baby was grown and ready to come out.  Our youngest, only 2 years old, didn't pay attention at all.  The 3.5 year old loved the book and then went back to playing. 

Our 6 year old was full of questions, as I knew he would be.  Come to find out, daddy had already told him a bit about it a month ago and told him to keep it a secret.  He sure did a good job, because I didn't know he knew anything about it.  He would stop us during the book to ask questions here and there.  He is quite inquisitive, so I figure he will have many more questions as time goes on.  I told him he could tell the secret now.  He got all excited and I asked what he would say.  He said he would tell them I have a baby in my tummy, but it was for someone else who's tummy was broken.  :)  I'm thinking I will have to talk with his teacher at school to fill her in.  I don't know if, or when, he would tell her, but it could confuse the heck out of her.  LOL!  Just before bedtime, he asked to see a picture of G&M "so I can see what they look like".  Oh, how I love that child!  His mind is always going!  We showed them all a picture that we took on transfer day.  He said they kind of look like me and my hubby.  :)

All is going well with me.  No more nausea at all.  Only tiny hints of heartburn if I eat something citrus.  The usual Chinese food and chocolate cravings.  All my pants are tight...but my maternity pants are way too big.  I am about 20 pounds lighter than when I was pregnant with my youngest.  Looks like I will have to invest in a few pairs of maternity pants in a smaller size.  Not much else new going on.  Chat at you later!!