Sunday, July 26, 2015

Smooth Transfer

My hubby and I drove to Chicago last night.  We had a very nice dinner with S&G.  It was great to see them again.  They are so sweet and brought me a beautiful four leaf clover necklace for luck and some yummy Dutch treats!

We were to be at the clinic bright and early at 6:50am this morning.  We ended up at the opposite end of the hospital and were a few minutes late by the time we actually got to the correct location.  The actual transfer was at about 7:30am.  It was so fast.  Dr. Kaplan and his crew were amazing and made us all feel comfortable and well taken care of.  He transferred one boy embryo and one girl embryo.  How exciting is that!!??

S&G are in Chicago until the end of the week to do some more sightseeing.  We headed home right after the transfer for the 3+ hour drive home.  It's been all relaxing and resting now and for the next couple days.  It's strange having Brad get my meals for me.  ;)  I will gladly accept it though.

Prayers and happy thoughts are much appreciated for at least one of these embryos to stick.  Also prayers for S&G as they are going through many emotions in this waiting time, I'm sure.  Thank you all for your support.  It means the world to us.  Love you!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good Start

I had labs and an ultrasound this morning.  The doc said I, as in, my uterus, looked beautiful!  :)  She said I'm at 11 and triple striped.  That's exactly what we want it to be.  She said I'm definitely ready for transfer, which is on the 26th.  The Lupron hasn't been a nasty beast this time, no major headaches and no bladder spasms, thank goodness!  The 2 estrogen patches have me a bit emotional, but it's all good.  I will add another patch Friday.  Then I will add the lovely suppositories a couple days later, along with a couple more pills and the famous PIO injections....the big dawgs!  LOL.  I'm happy things are progressing as they should.  Prayers for it to keep heading in that direction!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's on!

Well, I started the ever lovely Lupron injection Saturday.  So far, I've had a steady headache.  It's tolerable.  I'm still praying I don't get the bladder spasms I had last time.  Those were so, so terrible.  I'm really pushing my water, as I've heard Lupron can dehydrate you - which could have been part of the reason for the bladder spasms before.  I don't know.  I just know I don't want to experience them again.  We are set for transfer on July 26th if my body responds accordingly to all the meds and does what it needs to do.  I've had no issues before, praying it all goes well and we end up with awesome news to share!  :)