Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Parents are here, almost 35 weeks

The twinkies' parents arrived the end of February.  We had an ultrasound and doctor appointment on Monday, so they got to see their babies!!  How exciting!  It was great to see S&G again.  The little stinkers were facing my back once again, so we couldn't get any pictures.  They are still measuring ahead.  I was 34 weeks 4 days at the appointments.  Their guesstimated weights are: boy - 6# 3oz, girl - 6# 12oz.  Yep, definitely ahead.  LOL.  I'm so curious what they will weigh when they actually arrive.  I guess I just grow big babies!

We are 35 weeks tomorrow.  I'm so blessed to have made it this far.  There were times along the way where I didn't know if I could possibly make it to 30 weeks, then 32, then 34.  Now, with 35 just around the corner, I feel so accomplished to have kept them baking this long.  Every day counts with twins.  I am taking it day by day now.  It seems like I have a good day, then a not so good day, then good, not good... My feet are absolutely killing me today.  I had them up for 2 hours last night before bed to ease the swelling.  I could barely put my sneakers on this morning and literally almost cried from the pain!  I just keep reminding myself that we are in the home stretch now and that each and every pain is so totally worth it.  If I don't go on my own, we are set for induction/c-section (twinkies are both transverse right now - BOOO!!) on April 1st at 38 weeks 1 day.  I know, I know....April Fool's Day twins! Oh goodness!  :)

Please keep the much needed and appreciated prayers and happy thoughts headed our way!!