Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Dance!

It's been forever since I've written.  Baby D turned 1 last month.  He's so adorable with such chubby cheeks!!  He has been walking since he was 8 months old.  Little overachiever!  HA!  G&M keep in touch almost weekly with pictures, cards, emails and texts.  They are such wonderful people.  I just can't say it enough.

G sent me an email today.  She mentioned the year long wait between transfers because, if you remember, I got a new tattoo in June last year.  It takes a couple months to get started (contract & meds), so she then said we could!  AHHH!  I'm so tickled, I almost can't concentrate here at work.  She already has a call into their attorney to ask how to get things rolling.  This seriously made my day, week, month!  So. Freakin. Excited!!!

Here's to giving Baby D a sibling in 2015!!  :)