Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Beginnings

It's almost a new year.  How crazy is that?  2014 has flown by.  We were hoping to have a better outcome with our last transfer with G&M.  Unfortunately, things didn't work out as hoped.  They are blessed to have D, I know.  I just wished we could have helped bring a sibling into the world for them.  They are like family to us.  They are hoping to come to WI sometime next year to visit us all.  I'm already looking forward to it!!

We went back to the agency to see if there were any potential matches for us to try to help another couple.  Within a week, the agency sent us several profiles.  There was a couple from the Netherlands that stood out to us.  They are S&G.  They have no children.  They are Dutch-English translators.  I told the agency I wouldn't work with an international couple if they didn't speak fluent English.  This is too important of a thing to have a language barrier.  

We had a Skype meeting on Sunday.  They are just great!  Their accent isn't too thick at all.  We can understand them perfectly!  A couple days later, we learned they like us, too.  We are officially matched!  :)  They will be coming to Chicago at the end of the month so S can go through the egg retrieval process.  They will be staying until the end of January.  Brad and I will hopefully get to meet them in person next month while we go through the medical and psychological evaluation there in Chicago.  If all goes well, our coordinator said we could be looking at a spring transfer.  This is all so exciting.  We are looking forward to moving ahead with S&G.  I will update once we start really moving along!