Monday, October 5, 2015

Checking in

I have been slacking on my posts here.  Sorry!!  The 3rd ultrasound went well.  Both babies were measuring ahead a day or so ahead, so that was great!  I had my first appointment with my own doctor.  All went well there, too.  We were even able to hear the heartbeats for a few seconds before they moved.  :)  I am finally feeling better in regards to morning/all day sickness.  YAY!

My wrist has been bothering me.  I woke up one night and almost shrieked out in pain when I moved my arm/wrist.  I purchased a wrist brace and it seems to be helping.  I will wear it for awhile before trying to go without it.  I don't think it's carpal tunnel, as it's on the side of my wrist, not towards the middle....but who knows.  I hope it's not tendinitis either.  I think I just slept on it wrong and pulled it or something.

I have another doctor appointment next Monday.  I will also be getting an ultrasound at every appointment (every 4 weeks) because it is twins.  My doc said they do this in order to make sure both babies are growing consistently and making sure one isn't getting too much bigger than the other.  I can't wait to see how much they've changed since last time!!  I know S&G will love seeing the pics every month from the ultrasounds.  I swear I've started feeling them move every once in awhile.  I usually felt movement in my other pregnancies (except my first) around 13-14 weeks.  I will be 13 weeks on Thursday!  How time flies!  I had to break out my fat pants and some maternity pants that fit me....and so it begins!  :)