Monday, February 18, 2013

34 weeks

I just realized I didn't update after my doctor appointment last week.  I only have 2 appointments left before D-Day!!  All is looking good.  Baby is head down.  His heartrate was in the 140's.  I'm measuring right on still.  I've gained 35 pounds so far...eww!  I usually gain around 50, so it seems we are on track for that once again with just 5 weeks remaining.  I had heartburn something fierce last week.  It seems to be just fine now, thankfully.  Tums are always with me, just in case!  Other than the heartburn, I'm feeling really great.  I haven't gotten to the uncomfortable, get-this-over stage yet.  I'm still loving it!!!!

A few people have recently asked me if I would do this again.  You know, as of right now, right this very second in time, I would absolutely, without a doubt, say yes.  HOWEVER, I don't know how I will feel emotionally and mentally after the birth of this little baby boy that is so loved and wanted by his parents.  I think I will be okay, but one doesn't truly know until they go through the experience itself.  I obviously wouldn't do it again if my hubby wasn't all for it.  Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


It looks like G&M will be here on March 11th for the pre-birth order court date.  This way, all that stuff will be done before baby arrives.  They can then head home right afterwards instead of sitting in a court room.  They will come out again about a week and a half after the court date to await his arrival!!  I'm so excited to see them again!  I'm sure we will have a nice lunch after court before they head back home. 

Not a whole lot going on, pregnancy-wise.  We are going to be 33 weeks on Sunday.  I'm still feeling pretty good.  It's getting harder to bend over, but other than that, all seems to be good.  My ankles have started to swell just a bit, nothing too bad yet.  My next doctor appointment is Wednesday.  I think I will go every two weeks after that.  Baby is still moving ALL OVER!  The other night, man, I thought he was doing somersaults in there.  I have never felt that much movement while pregnant...ever!  It's times like those, that makes me wish I could see what he's doing in there.  :)