Monday, November 16, 2015

18w4d - So far, so good!

We had our checkup today.  I am 18 weeks 4 days.  This was the big anatomy ultrasound where they measure everything and check all the organs and such.  Everything is great.  Baby A is the boy, measuring 19 weeks 2 days and 10 ounces.  Baby B is the "big" girl, measuring 19 weeks 4 days and 11 ounces.  My belly is measuring around 24 weeks.  Yikes!  :)  I'm feeling great.  The parents are super happy.  It couldn't be better right now!  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

17 weeks

I haven't updated for a month.  It's been a very busy few weeks for me and my family.  Everything is going great and is quite uneventful on the pregnancy front - that's a GREAT thing!  There is no denying I'm pregnant and haven't just eaten an entire pizza by now!  :)  I told Brad a couple days ago that I am now realizing I will be quite large and probably miserable in a few months.  His reply, "You are just NOW realizing that!?".  LOL!  It's all so worth it.  Worth every ache and pain.  Worth the constant sore boobs.  Worth every kick and punch from inside.  Worth all the extra stretch marks. Worth all the heartburn.  Worth the swollen ankles to come.  Worth all the pillows in bed that pushes Brad to the edge of the mattress.  Worth not being able to see my own feet.  Worth the added pounds. Worth the million trips to the bathroom. These babies are so worth it.  These parents are so completely worth it.

We are 17 weeks today.  It's so crazy to think we are almost half way there.  Our next appointment and the big anatomy ultrasound is in a week and a half.  The last ultrasound showed babies a few days ahead of schedule, so that's awesome!  I am still not feeling them move consistently yet...wondering if I have anterior placentas, as I didn't think to ask at the last ultrasound.  I normally feel distinct movement around 14 weeks.  The parents are getting more excited each day and decorating the nursery.  I remember that excitement with my own.  I'm over the moon happy for them!  Again, please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.  They are much appreciated!!