Thursday, May 19, 2016

8 Weeks - Back to Work

Wow!  It has already been 8 weeks since the twinkies were born.  I go back to work tomorrow...grudgingly.  Baby S is doing wonderfully after his heart surgeries.  He and his sister are growing and growing.  They both have such squishy, chubby cheeks!  :)  They all flew home on May 2nd.  They have been really busy with family and friends visiting.  I am so happy for them all.  S&G are such wonderful parents.  We took our children to meet the twins before they flew home.  S&G were so calm in letting our kiddos hold their babies.  I think I was more paranoid!  My kiddos love seeing new pictures and seeing how much they have grown already...I do, too, of course!

Recovery was pretty darn slow.  This was my first c-section.  I was getting quite frustrated that I just didn't seem to be improving much.  After a week or two, I was back to 100% with my previous deliveries.  This, nope.  Not at all.  The docs said I would need all of the 8 weeks I took of to recover.  I truly didn't feel good, and I mean, good to the point where I could honestly say good when someone asked how I was, until a full 6 weeks had passed.  I'm feeling quite well now.

After I got home, I had difficulties sleeping in my bed.  Each time I would lie down, I would have a hard time catching and keeping my breath.  It was a bit scary.  I slept on the couch in a slightly reclined position for several days.  The doctor said that could have been due to the amount of blood loss and my blood pressure still. My levels regulated about 3 weeks after delivery.  It was soooo nice to sleep in my own bed again!  I was able to stop the blood pressure pills and blood thinner injections. That was a relief.  My blood pressure has remained stable since then.

I also began having a hard time falling asleep at night.  Every time I would close my eyes, I would see flashbacks of the c-section, all sorts of doctors and nurses around me talking about me bleeding, talk of a hysterectomy, being wheeled into another operating room, etc.  I thought it was a bit of PTSD.  My doctor agreed.  He said with all I went through and how sudden it all happened, that it was certainly likely.  As you recall, I met Baby T when S&G brought her to see me in the hospital. When I was discharged, Brad had a cold and we were unable to meet Baby S.  We were finally able to meet him a couple weeks later.  I think meeting him was just the closure I needed.  I no longer have the flashbacks.  I am still having a hard time falling asleep though. My doctor says going back to work may actually help that....having something to occupy my time and tire me out.  We shall see soon enough.

Thank you to all who helped us out with the kiddos and everything when things didn't go quite as planned.  I can't thank you enough! Thank you all for the prayers and happy thoughts.  Every single prayer helped these babies and me. I know S&G are grateful for them as well.  Thank you for your support.  Now, we get to see these twinkies grow through pictures and celebrate their birthdays with our first surrobabe D!  :)  The fun is just beginning!

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